magento - 500 internal error

Server: 1and1 hosting
After fixing the database issue, I found myself trap with:

1.) front end - I got 500 Internal Error
2.) back end - out of memory error

To keep it short here are my solutions:

1 & 2.) I remember doing these things:
a.) rename your sample php.ini.sample to php.ini and add these lines at the bottom
Then upload to your server in the magento's root installation directory
b.) modify the .htaccess file such that:
i.) find this line: ## this line is specific for 1and1 hosting
ii.) uncomment the lines inside
c.) search for the line: RewriteBase /magento/ and change to RewriteBase /

That do the trick for me.
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Anonymous said...

You sir are a god amongst insects. This saved my night.

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