Transfer domain from 1and1 package into another

There are 2 major steps that we have to do for this:

1.) Unlock the domain that we want to transfer
a.) login to (by default Packages tab is selected)
b.) in the Packages tab, select the package where the domain you want to transfer is in
c.) in the left side "Go Directly to" panel, click "Manage Domains"
d.) select the domain name that you want to transfer (make sure that it's checked)
e.) click Transfers->Lock/Unlock

f.) select Unlock status

2.) Add the domain in the Package where we want it to be transferred
a.) click the Packages tab
b.) select the package where we want to move the domain
c.) in the "Go Directly to" panel click "Manage Domains"
d.) click New->Add Domain
e.) you will be redirected to "Add Domain" screen

f.) type the name of your domain and click "Check Domain"

g.) you will then be prompted that that domain already exists in another 1and1 package and will ask you to transfer - transfer

You can just wait for the transfer, might take <>Lock/Unlock and select start transfer
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