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How to deploy MVC3 powered website to IIS

After developing a website powered by MVC3 the next thing is deploying it on server. Our assumption is that the server has dotnet3.5/4.0 installed.

Server Setup:
1.) Windows 2003 SP2
2.) Download and install dotnet 3.5/4.0
3.) Download and install MVC3 RTM
4.) Create a app pool for your app
5.) Create a virtual directory/application for your app
6.) Right click your virtual directory->Home Directory->Configuration
a.) Click insert mapping and type:
b.) uncheck Verify file...
7.) That should do it.

1.) On your project expand the References folder
2.) Click on the following assemblies (if present):
3.) On the Properties tab, set Copy Local to true.
4.) Then Build->Publish and you will see the dll files on the bin folder.
5.) Copy the dll files on the bin of your webserver.

And by the way don't forget to execute this line in cmd.exe:
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319>aspnet_regiis.exe -i
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Melissa said...

Brief post on how to deploy ASP.NET MVC3 application on server: http://blog.teamgrowth.net/index.php/net/how-to-deploy-asp-net-mvc3-application-on-the-server


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