How to enable jquery's lavalamp's links

I've used lavalamp's menu in my project several times and have experienced the same problem 2 or 3 times after copying the code from the downloadable zipped file. It's as if the links were not there and even you click the menulink the page will not redirect. The culprit is the default javascript code from the zipped file:
            fx: "backout",
            speed: 700,
            click: function (event, menuItem) {
                return false;
The "click" function should return true, or delete the function if you won't implement your own code on click.
How to enable jquery's lavalamp's links How to enable jquery's lavalamp's links Reviewed by Edward Legaspi on Friday, December 16, 2011 Rating: 5

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Anonymous said...

thank you tons! i was all worked up i couldnt figure out why my code didnt work and of course it was the simplest thing that i kept overlooking... youre a life saver!

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