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How to install and setup Glassfish

1.) Download glassfish installer from http://download.java.net/glassfish/3.1.1/release/glassfish-3.1.1.zip

2.) Unzip in {your_choice}/glassfish-3.1.1

3.) Create 'startup' script file as follows:

4.) Create mydomain domain in glashfish: {your_choice}/glassfish-3.1.1/bin/asadmin create-domain mydomain

5) To modify the port open {your_choice}/glassfish-3.1.1/glassfish/domains/mydomain/config/domain.xml and look for
admin-listener port=4848
http-listener-1 port=8080

6.) Start mydomain domain: {your_choice}/glassfish-3.1.1/bin/asadmin start-domain mydomain

8.) To test if the new domain works, navigate to the glassfish back url: http://localhost:4848/ and frontend url: http://localhost:8080
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