How to create a Glassfish cluster

This tutorial will attempt to explain, how to create a Glassfish cluster using the Glassfish's admin interface.

To do this, you must have download, install and configured Glassfish's domain1 to start.


1.) Create nodes (What are nodes? See reference below. Basically it's another machine with Glassfish installed/or none because when you configure a node from a parent glassfish it can copy itself to the node). Click Nodes->New and set the following values:
Type: SSH
Node Host: is the IP of the node machine
SSH Port: 22
SSH User Authentication: Password
Set SSH User Name and Password

2.) Create a new cluster, Click Clusters->New, enter a cluster name and click Ok.

3.) Add an instance. Click the newly created cluster and select the Instance tab.

4.) Under Server Instances, click New. In the Node dropdown, select the name of the node we just created and give it an instance name. Click ok.

5.) You have now configured a Glassfish cluster to add a new node repeat 2.

6.) To install an application to the cluster, click the Applications tab and deploy as usual. In the Targets section add the newly created cluster name to the Selected Targets panel.

Common Problem:
1.) Sometimes the controller (the Glassfish where you setup the cluster) is not visible in the node that you added. To solve this issue add the controller's name and ip in the node's /etc/hosts. IPComputer Name.

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