How to configure jrebel in eclipse with maven

This page is a compilation of instruction on how you can configure your eclipse with maven to autodeploy an ear or war using jrebel.

1.) eclipse with maven
2.) jrebel with license

1.) Install jrebel plugin to eclipse using this guide:

2.) You can ask jrebel to create your jrebel.xml file but for me it's much easier to create one and put it in your resources directory. Example with maven project: src/main/resources. For more details:

This is how my working configuration looks like:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<application xmlns:xsi=""

  <dir name="C:\java\git\czetsuya-project\czetsuya-project\czetsuya-project-admin\web\target\classes" />
  <dir name="C:\java\git\czetsuya-project\czetsuya-project\czetsuya-project-admin\web\src\main\resources" />

  <link target="/">
   <dir name="C:\java\git\czetsuya-project\czetsuya-project\czetsuya-project-admin\web\src\main\webapp" />


Hope it helps :-)
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