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How to create ssh key and set in eclipse

This page will explain how we can create an ssh key that we can set in eclipse to be use when pulling files from Git repositories.

*Note that this tutorial was tested on windows 7.

1.) Open command prompt.

2.) Execute: ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "yourEmail". Will generate 2 files: id_rsa (private key) and id_rsa.pub (public key).

3.) Copy the generated files to your user's .ssh folder. For example in windows it's in c:\users\me\.ssh.

3.) Now open eclipse.

4.) Open Window->Preference and filter ssh.

5.) Look at the General tab SSH2 Home should point to where you copied the keys.
6.) Click Ok.

7.) If you're using github, assembla or any other git hosting service. Upload the public key to your profile.

*Note, make sure that your server's rsa key is defined in c:\users\me\.ssh\known_hosts, otherwise you will have an unauthorized exception.
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