How to remove search.conduit malware in firefox

This write-up will try to help those who are victims of conduit malware. I myself was a victim when I tried to install a downloader, if I remember correctly :-). I should stay with torrent but anyway here's what I've done that failed and that worked.

Didn't worked but might work on your local setting:
1.) Uninstall any conduit related programs in control panel.
2.) Install ccleaner, run and analyzed.
3.) Install malwarebytes and run.
4.) Open firefox.
  a.) In the url type: "about:config"
  b.) In the search input text box, type "conduit"
  c.) Reset each item
  d.) Restart firefox and repeat from step 4.a
  e.) If you found the same set of conduit keys again then step 4 failed :-(

What really worked for me is to create a new fresh firefox profile:
5.) Run firefox.exe with -p parameter:
  >C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox>firefox.exe -p
6.) Create a new profile.
7.) Delete the default profile, this is the infested one.
8.) Click Ok and open firefox.
9.) Try Step 4.a), you will notice that all conduit keys are removed.

That's it, next time be careful installing plugins. The downside of the solution that work is you have to re-install all your firefox plugins again.
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