How to deploy JBoss7.2 on OpenShift

The following tutorial is a rough steps on how you can setup a custom server such as JBoss7.2 on OpenShift.

Prerequisite, clone and checkout JBoss7.2 tag
//clone the jboss repo
>git clone

//list the tags
>git tag -l

//checkout the 7.2 release
>git checkout tags/7.2.0.Final

1.) Follow this blog first:

2.) Unfortunately you will encounter a problem starting the server, this is because each openshift's DIY cartridge has there own IP so:
  a.) SSH to your OpenShift server and type env, and look for OPENSHIFT_DIY_IP, so instead of you need to use this IP in step 1.

3.) Commit and push your repo and your good to go :-).

4.) If that doesn't work, you need to manually start the JBoss server within SSH.

Beware of windows, the pushed files are not executable by default so will not run. You need to manually chmod this file every push so that means auto server restart will not work. At least on my case.
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