How to setup Toad Oracle Freeware

The following article will help us in configuring our Toad Oracle Freeware with Oracle XE database. For development purposes I normally use XE so it's light.


  1. Download and install Oracle XE - I use 10.2.x
    1. I installed in: C:\java\oraclexe
  2. Download and install Toad Freeware (
    1. Can be install anywhere
  3. Download and install Toad Client, go to and download the following files:
    1. instantclient-basic-win-x86-64-
    2. instantclient-jdbc-win-x86-64-
    3. instantclient-odbc-win-x86-64-
    4. instantclient-sqlplus-win-x86-64-
    5. Extract them all in C:\java\oraclexe\instantclient_10_2
  4. Add the following to environment path:
    1. C:\java\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\NETWORK\ADMIN
    2. C:\java\oraclexe\instantclient_10_2
  5. Connect in Toad using XE connection
You can also install the Toad Eclpse plugin to connect to the database.
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