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Blurred lenovo laptop display on external LG monitor

Recently I've bought a new Lenovo G50-70 laptop to replace my existing one which only support 8GB nax memory. The new one I've upgraded to 16GB, cool it is running my previous one. But to my disappointment after installing Windows 8.1, I've encountered a seemingly common blurred display issue on external monitor - in my case LG LED. I've also tried it on my new HP LED and worked on the configuration as suggested in various articles available in google. But all failed :-)

It seems like there is no solution until windows release an updated driver for high dpi led, but I found one. Fortunately I have an old AOC LCD monitor and so from the hdmi port in my laptop, I plugged in a converter to serial port that goes to my LCD and the display is way way better :-)

This is how eclipse (an ide, a tool for programmer) it looks like on the old LCD monitor.

See how crisp it is. I'll not post an image of how it looks like in my LG LED because that's why you're here after all, having the same display on your machine.

So I suggest you try plugging an old LCD to your laptop to temporarily solve the display crispiness problem.
Blurred lenovo laptop display on external LG monitor Blurred lenovo laptop display on external LG monitor Reviewed by Edward Legaspi on Sunday, December 07, 2014 Rating: 5

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