iOS Donut Progress Bar

The iOS Donut Progress Bar is an iOS library that you can integrate in your project to present data in a graphical way. Furthermore, it will allow you to get a live preview of the design right in the Interface Builder.

Inside the Interface Builder:

iOS Simulator:


  • Customizable width and color for line and border of the outer/inner circle.
  • Customizable text label.
  • Customizable color, opacity, radius, and offset for shadow of the inner and outer circle
  • Supports the iOS 8 adaptive layout
  • You can change all of this in the interface builder or in runtime.

Example Usage In Runtime

circleView.outerRadius = 20
circleView.oColor = UIColor(red: 244/255, green: 156/255, blue: 45/255, alpha: 1)
circleView.percentage  = 75
circleView.fontSize = 25
circleView.noOfDecimals = 0

To get the sample code, please visit this site.
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