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Hi. I'm Edward. I'm currently working as an Independent IT Consultant / Java Solutions Architect / Entrepreneur who has experi...


I'm Edward. I'm currently working as an Independent IT Consultant / Java Solutions Architect / Entrepreneur who has experience in several domains like billing, e-commerce, big data analytics, sales, recruiting, marketing, etc.

I have enough experience to boot-up a project from scratch using the Spring Boot / JavaEE stack, Angular and Amazon Services. My experience covers the complete software development lifecycle from conception, design, development, testing, deployment, testing, maintenance and marketing.

Needless to say, this post means that I'm open to becoming your co-founder, investing sweat-equity for a certain amount of share in your company/startup.

I also have some ideas and startup on my own and I'm looking for people with skills in marketing, and writing.

PS: Feel free to contact me for technical advice, I'll be glad to help. Just don't expect an instant answer as we are all busy :-)


* Software Architect who can develop a system from scratch and knows all the steps in the software development life cycle
* Loves working with open source technologies
* Java Architect who currently specialized in Billing Domain
* 10+ years experience in engineering and development working primarily on Cloud and Mobile Systems
* Experienced Team / Tech Lead with the ability to lead and motivate teammates
* With strong analytical and problem-solving skills using Object Oriented Programming
* Able to work effectively in a remote and cross-cultural environment individually and within a team

Software / Database Architecture and Development, Scrum master, Project management, Business development

Microservices (Spring Cloud), JPA / Hibernate, JSF / REST / SOAP API, Maven, GIT, Liquibase, Jenkins, Docker

Programming Languages:
Java(JavaEE, Spring), ASP.NET(C#)

Postgresql, MSSqlServer, MySQL, Oracle

Frontend Frameworks:
Primefaces, Angular5~, ReactJS

JBOSS / Wildfly, JavaEE, Amazon Services

Operating Systems:
Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat, OS X
Familiar with development in Ubuntu and experience in Linux/Ubuntu cloud deployment

You may also check my LinkedIn profile at

Don't hesitate to contact me if you're looking for a co-founder or a technical consultant. Email:


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